Central Auditory Processing Disorders

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What is it?

Before we go in to the disorder itself, lets first define what Central Auditory Processing is.
These are the processes within the brain used for sound localization, sound lateralization, auditory discrimination, auditory pattern recognition, temporal aspects of audition (resolution, masking, integration, and ordering), auditory performance with competing signals, and auditory performance with degraded signals.

Central Auditory Processing Disorder is diagnosed when there are problems with one or several of these areas. In order to determine how these functions are all working we perform a number of non-invasive hearing tests both in a sound booth and on the computer or iPad. We also have questionnaires that we will have you fill out about yourself or child, whomever is being tested.

Testing is just the first step. If a disorder is found there are treatment options available that will be discussed in detail when we go over the results.

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Dr. Smith is happy to discuss testing, answer questions you have, and help decide if this is the next step in figuring out why you or your child struggles to understand verbal information given to them.

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